Monday, December 19, 2011



  1. Yestersay I've seen your dr. nico collection here! I was so happy to know that you've taken at least this project with you. Where is it now???

    By the way, this presentation of photographies is excellent!!! I hope that you will go on with this!

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    1. Thanks for your note. With the future of Psychic Hut in question, I copied all my html so nothing would disappear. I posted Nico here briefly, but with LPH back up for now, I tucked them away again. But I personally haven't had any problems with takedowns and such, so I intend to keep my stuff available one way or another. If LPH goes dark, they'll be here. Thanks for the kind words about the photos as well. I've got many thousands of images and thought it was about time to share. Thanks also for keeping Dial Africa going. It's nice to have some familiar faces in these strange times.